Engineering, Consulting In Lighting

Maggmalight brings its global expertise of the technologies, the market and the actors to the service of the organizations interested by the following services:

– analysis of the cost, quality and conformity of lighting
– Verification of LED equipments performance
– Obtaining strategic information on the lighting markets, on a national or international level, in order to anticipate the evolutions

Maggmalight assists companies in their construction, lighting renovation or optimization projects.
Our lighting expertise covers most sectors of activity.

We assist our customers from A to Z from the pre-project phase to the acceptance of the work.
We are thus able to provide our clients with a guarantee on:
– the quality of lighting and visual comfort
– compliance with current lighting standards
– compliance with investment and operating budgets

The scope of services is adjusted according to the progress of the project and the needs and desiderata of our clients.

Maggmalight also offers 24/7 technical support services on:
– Assistance in conducting lighting studies and choosing the right standards.
– Help in using or understanding lighting tools.

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