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MAGGMALIGHT is a distinguished lighting design agency based in France and Morocco, specializing in creating exceptional lighting solutions for residential, commercial, and hospitality environments worldwide.

Our portfolio includes stunning lighting designs for villas, houses, offices, outdoor projects, and hospitality venues across the globe. We use advanced simulation tools to develop bespoke lighting masterpieces that combine aesthetic appeal with energy efficiency.

Collaborating closely with professionals and private owners alike, we tailor each project to meet unique custom specifications. Whether you seek a distinct lighting concept or prefer our expert guidance throughout the process, MAGGMALIGHT ensures that every design enhances your space with style, comfort, and innovation.

Invest in a MAGGMALIGHT design to elevate your environment with unparalleled creativity and functional beauty.

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At MAGGMALIGHT, we are committed to excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction.

  • Reliable and efficient lighting solutions
  • Dynamic and competent team, proactive consultant with a lighting design background and a desire to promote lighting
  • Strong feedback culture, helping the customer to find the weak points and to reduce the risks
  • International mobility, ensuring; reactivity and 24/7 support
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About us

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We offer: 

  • High quality service
  • Specialist’s advice
  • Answers to your questions
  • Transparency and services that meet your expectations
We make spaces warm and welcoming with unique lighting designs.

We strive to deliver efficient lighting designs for a better life quality.

We are responsible, available and rapid to deliver quality work.

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Said OUHSSAINE is a dedicated Lighting Designer based in Marrakech and Lyon, working closely with industry professionals and private clients to elevate their spaces through innovative lighting solutions. With a rich background in the design offices of leading lighting manufacturers across France, Germany, and Morocco, Said manages a diverse portfolio of approximately 50 projects annually, spanning global locations. He is also recognized as a trainer in advanced lighting simulation and design software including Relux, DIALux evo, and AutoCad, empowering professionals with his expertise.

Said’s philosophy revolves around creating lighting that enhances visual comfort, economic efficiency, and environmental sustainability, ensuring it harmonizes seamlessly with its surroundings.

Certifications & Education

Said holds a bachelor’s degree in Design and Lighting Management from IAE Lyon.

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