Lighting Design

We make spaces warm and welcoming with unique lighting designs.


MAGGMALIGHT will validate your existing designs by performing lighting calculations using Dialux evo or Relux.



Architecture can be beautiful by day, but come night-time, the lighting can sometimes let down.
Our design service is ideal for creating a beautiful and striking impact on any space.
We have given stunning lighting designs for villas, houses, offices, outdoor projects and sports facilities all over the world, and developed long-term design partners.
Our lighting concepts are true one-off that do not exist anywhere else in the world; they are aesthetic, comfortable and energy saving, in addition to fulfilling the lighting requirements and standards of your region.
When you invest in a MAGGMALIGHT lighting design, it will be a true investment in style, creativity and individual expression.
Our professional approach begins with our first meeting and lasts until your lights are turned on.

No matter the situation, no matter the project, no matter the challenge–we are waiting to hear from you.

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Garden Lighting

Garden lights are a natural fit for garden lighting. It can effectively help you to keep your garden lit throughout the night.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Lighting

Your swimming pool is a beautiful design feature in your backyard, and you need to be able to enjoy it at any time of the day or night. This means you will need the right lighting for your pool.


Outdoor lighting

Outdoor luminaires provides efficient visual comfort

– not only by way of future­proof light sources and control gear but also through optimum and effective lighting technology for a wide variety of applications.


Indoor lighting

indoor luminaires embraces a wide spectrum of different lighting tools: spotlights and wallwashers, track and light structures, recessed luminaires, ceiling washlights and floor washlights. They all share a common guiding design principle of efficient visual comfort.


Street Lighting

is an integral part of road infrastructure and makes a decisive contribution to nighttime traffic safety. An enhanced visual environment enables drivers to detect roadway hazards and traffic conflicts across a distance that allows appropriate action in sufficient time.


Roundabout Lighting

Following proposed design procedure has been set up taking into account various illumination requirements and recommended standards, lighting apparel features and roundabout geometric characteristics.

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